The Miracles of Today and Past

Today I had some discussions about miracles and how "real" they are. The standard scheme for a miracle is this: "The observers (scientists/doctors/people/etc.) said that it was impossible, but after some time and efforts (that could be prayer, church, using herbs, etc.) observers (same or others) confirmed that something miraculous has happened".

I may ask: you rather believe in the power of efforts than in a possibility that "observers" could have made a mistake in a first place? --- The truth is, if a miracle has happened to you - you rather believe in yourself than what others said. If a miracle has happened to someone else - you rather believe in him, because you know who he is and what has happened and usually the story doesn't mention those "observers" and their competence.

You might assume from my post that I am against the miracles and all the other extra-terrestrial stuff, but you are wrong. I say nothing about whether miracles are real or not, the truth is - never stop asking yourself "what if...", if there is doubt - look for reasons, if there is no doubt - you could have made some alogical assumptions.