Recent article in provided some interesting ideas and numbers.

There is one parameter, let's call it P, which shows how much of particular trait is influenced by environment, and how much by genes. Let's say if P=1 then the trait is totally caused by genes, if the particular trait has P=0, then the reason for it is the environment that the individual is in. Here are the numbers from that article (sorted):

  • Blood type: P = 1
  • Body constitution: P=0,81
  • Height: P=0,76
  • Verbal proficiency: P=0,68
  • Blood pressure: P=0,6
  • Intellect: P=0,5–0,8
  • BMI (Body mass index): P=0,5
  • History and literature skills: P=0,45
  • Skills at natural sciences: P=0,34
  • Proficiency in mathematics: P=0,12-0,3

Of course, the numbers need to be analysed, checked, confirmed - anyway, at least there is something we could talk about.