Learning continues

After finishing AI and ML classes, it's time to look ahead and sign up for the new ones. The whole list of free lectures by professors of Stanford/Berkely/University of Michigan can be found in http://www.class-central.com. I decided to sign up for 5 of them:

  • Software as a Service (http://www.saas-class.org) - this is a way new software is going to be served in future. Also very interested in agile principles in action. It is short (just 5 weeks), useful at what I do now at my regular job.
  • Human-Computer Interaction (http://www.hci-class.org) - Really interested, I might be expecting something else, though. What are the principles? How big should I make this link or those buttons? What colors?
  • Natural Language Processing (http://www.nlp-class.org) - Continuing with AI and stuff. How should we interpret that, what is produced by humans only?
  • Lean Launchpad (http://www.launchpad-class.org and Technology Entrepreneurship (http://www.venture-class.org) - will start both, but choose which one to continue later on - they both sound the same. According to](http://www.launchpad-class.org) one of the lecturers, Steve Blank, the difference is:

The short answer is that I assume you have taken Professor Eesley’s class (Technology Entrepreneurship) or have the equivalent knowledge before you take mine. His class is the perfect intro to Entrepreneurship. It’s a great overview of what a startup is. (creativity, history of silicon valley, accounting, where does an idea come from? how to turn an idea into an opportunity, team building, legal issues, etc.

My class (Lean Launchpad) assume you already know all that and you now want to know how to build the product, get customers and build the company.