Future and Expectations

This blog is by no means a page to supply knowledge on specific field. In the future, you might find here topics ranging from The Bible to Quantum Mechanics. Of course, these are my first intentions, but as life goes on people tend to get deeper in one or another particular field. I think this also applies to me.

Anyway, I can assure you that most of the talking will be connected with physical sciences, biology, computer technology or some sort of psychology. My blog will be not so different from the old one which you can find at http://seimys.blogspot.com/. I hope to make some improvements: the reason for that is when one has his personal domain, he has to pay attention to what he writes and one doesn't want to spread rubbish in his own house.

Indeed, the purchase of domain is like the purchase of some cozy house in a crowded metropolis. That's exactly the feeling I felt.