About Anti-religious Type

Some of you, who are against any type of faith try to argue about the impact of religion. I think, that to say, that "religion is nothing and it has no effect on human being and society" is the same as to say "the light bulb doesn't shine when I push the button". You can obviously sense the blindness in the previous statements. My point of view is that religion is indeed powerful and has a tremendous effect on some people, to neglect it would be the same as to be blind.

The question that really matters to me is what is the energy source of this light bulb? I am interested in this electricity and this trigger which make a bulb radiate those electromagnetic waves.

Anyway if some of religious type people try to prove to me that the source of this electricity is a kind of divine intervention - I doubt it. Why put things in God's hands - mother nature has all the answers, we just need to look deeper and without superstitions. Of course, if one could explain everything scientifically - religion doesn't loose it's effect, as it is based on belief and that's why it cannot be broken by some scientists explaining everything by a lack of chemical elements and psychological problems.

Anti-religious people don't look and understand, they speak loudly and haven't got a slightest idea about the human feelings and psychology. You should look carefully, because they have the same kind of faith, but a "scientific one". They are also religious and they believe in science.